We established our company under the name of “EFTY” in 1998 with the philosophy “Goods to be loved and treasured”. We started to work as an import agent for Japanese customers for the goods from European and American suppliers, and also we imported furnishing and furniture from Europe for the Japanese distributors. We have focused on environmental issues since 2001, and we have been accumulating knowledge from European and American countries about renovation technology for the environment and living spaces for people. We are striving to have hotels and commercial complexes use our products and services to protect their assets by using our renovation technology and with our recent technology focus on man and the environment. We are hoping that our customers will love to keep using our products. We, MARDAK are determined to continue our business which is friendly to the environment and humans with our company mission “Goods to be loved and treasured”

In addition, on September 10, 2015 we formed a new MARDAK division dealing with 100% hand-made SLAVIA CRYSTAL washbowl, which we developed over a five-year period. We will be expanding the SLAVIA CRYSTAL washbowl business operations in Japan as well as Europe and America based upon the highest quality washbowl in the world



Company name   MARDAK INTERNATIONAL inc.

Head Office   1151-1 Yamamoto, Iida-city, Nagano 395-0244,Japan

Tel: +81 (265)-49-3375

Fax:  +81 (265)-49-3374


Showroom   1151-1-3 Yamamoto, Iida-city, Nagano.395-0244,japan

Tel: +81 (265)-49-3633

Fax:  +81 (265)-49-3374


EUROPE    MARDAK international. EU s.r.o    Levicka cesta Hornovce  SLOVAKIA

Representative    Kazuhiko Matsumura

Number of Employees    68 (as of March, 2021)


Establishment     2003



1998 Established as EFTY (Furniture import agent from suppliers in Italy, Europe  and America


2000  Established MADAK U.S.A. as an American local subsidiary (started import from Florentine Craftsmen and operation of Prochem’s Truckmounts)


2003  Established MARDAK JAPAN Inc. Started Hotel management and maintenance operations


2004  Established MARDAK EU as a local subsidiary (started dealing MUSIC TOOL)

2005   Started operation of air conditioner cleaning robot


2006   Air conditioner repairing and maintenance business


2007  Established Natural Fair Film Division


2010  Changed name to MARDAK International (in relation with Establishment of Entertainment Division for the purpose of obtaining promotional rights from overseas


2011  Started Yumoto Hotel Achigawa Classic Concert in February


2012  Entertainment Division started classical music CD and DVD production


2015  Started SLAVIA CRYSTAL Division.  Show room opened in Hirugami Sales Offic



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JTB Trading, Inc.  LIXIL group NITTO CERA co.Ltd . RELIANCE co.Ltd

Hirugami Onsenkyo Hotels - Yunomoto Hotel Achigawa, Hotel kichiya

 Kurotake Hotel Hirugami, and others



FBL (Italy)  Domingo Salotti (Italy)  MACON (Italy)  MUSIC TOOL (Italy)

Florentine Craftsmen (U.S.A.)  Aqua pool (U.S.A.)

 IROGO (Denmark)  NOKIA Hakkapeliitta (Finland)    TUNGSURAM (Hungary)  JJ.ELECTRIC (Slovakia)